30 Days of Romantic Text Messages

30 Days of Romantic Text Messages @RomanceWire

It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like without our phones glued to our side. With the ability to communicate instantly with anyone in the world, you would think our communication with our partner would improve. However, a growing number of couples are expressing how harmful they believe smartphones are becoming to their relationship.

In research from Penn State and Brigham Young University, 143 women were interviewed on this very subject. The results were definitely interesting.

  • 73% of the women interviewed believed that smartphones undermined their close relationships.
  • 35% reported that their partners regularly picked up their cell phones and focused on them during face-to-face conversations, especially if they noticed an alert or notification.
  • 25% said that their partners texted other people while they were speaking to them

Clearly, the phone has a huge potential to get in the way of intimacy in relationship. While adapting your habits may be a long-term change that’s needed, you can make the phone something you’re more likely to accept in your relationship if you use it as a romantic tool instead.

One way to do that is to make sure to send your partner romantic text messages. We’re not talking about just your typical “I love you” text, either. With your phone, you have a tool that will help you make your partner feel loved and appreciated any time of the day – with just the click of a button. To get you started, here’s a compilation of 30 romantic text messages to express your affection. If you’re feeling especially romantic, take the 30-day challenge and send one every day for a month!

  1. You’re still the one…
  2. Words alone will never be able to express the depth of my love for you.
  3. In case you didn’t know, I’ll be loving you always and forever!!
  4. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, you prove me wrong! I love you!
  5. Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I’ve done in my life.
  6. Hand in hand and heart to heart, my love for you shall never part.
  7. Even though we are apart, my love you will never part.
  8. I’ll love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and YOU for forever.
  9. Loving you makes my heart explode with happiness.
  10. Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines… it all comes naturally, just like loving you.
  11. Simply said… I love you…
  12. Being with you is like having every single one of my wishes come true.
  13. Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!
  14. Just had to let you know… you’re the best! I love you!
  15. There is no long distance about love; it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them.
  16. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart.
  17. Let these words not only touch your eyes, let them travel through your soul, and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine…I love you.
  18. I wish I was there to hold you tight instead of just send this loving, “Good Night.”
  19. Thank you for being the one who calms all my inner fears.
  20. Your love is all I’ll ever need.
  21. I’m lucky to say you’re not just my love, but my best friend.
  22. Have I told you that you look hot today?
  23. My favorite thing? Being with you!
  24. I have a case of the cuddles – wanna help?
  25. I adore you.
  26. You’re my favorite.
  27. You are my sunshine.
  28. Today was the best because I got to spend it with you.
  29. My favorite part of the day is when I get to see you.
  30. Just a reminder that I think you’re awesome, wonderful and amazing!

Don’t see a text message that should be on our list? Share it below! Do you think phones have gotten in the way of relationships? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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