7 Days of Romance

7 Days of Romance

Dates nights are a great way to keep the romance burning in a relationship, but what about when you want to take things up a notch? Getaways or presents are a good choice, but not always in the budget. If you’re looking for a way to really do something special for your partner, or just to change things up a bit, and don’t want to break the bank, try giving them seven days of romance!

Day One
Handwrite a love letter to your partner telling them why you feel in love with them. Be sure to include actual traits about them that you love. Put it in an envelope and leave it for them to find.

Day Two
Give your partner a love coupon good for a romantic massage or bath (or anything that they can redeem that day). Light a couple of candles and, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes, enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

Day Three
Rent a favorite romantic comedy or movie that both you and your partner will enjoy watching. Grab some pillows and a blanket and spend the evening cuddling.

Day Four
During the day, when you know your partner will not answer the phone, leave a voicemail telling them how much you love them and that you were thinking of them. Later that night, change things up a bit and have dinner (or dessert) in bed. Listen to your favorite playlist and use the time to talk about your day together.

Day Five
Write at least 20 reasons why you love your partner on post-it notes. Stick them up everywhere for them to find. Some great places include the bathroom mirror, their car, the hallway or the refrigerator.

Day Six
Without saying a word, walk up to your partner and give them a huge kiss. In fact, make it a mini make-out session!

Day Seven
Everyone loves a small gift! Get something small like a favorite candy or snack and wrap a ribbon around it. Leave it with a note saying “thinking about you” for them to find.


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