10 Fun & Unique Ways to Leave a Love Note

Fun Love Notes

With technology so prevalent, a throwback to the classic love note is more thoughtful and appreciated than ever. While it’s nice to get those “I love you” texts, it’s even nicer to see it handwritten. Even better, it only takes a few minutes to really leave big impression. For some creative ideas to help spice up your love notes, try one of these tips…

1. Secret Message Pen
Spice things up with a little mystery and adventure. Use a secret ink pen when you write your love notes. This particular pen has a light in the cap that reveals the message. Take it a step further and create your own spy romance and leave each other notes in a journal.

2. Post-Its
It’s amazing the things you can do with a post-it. Like a number of other romantic gestures, the more you multiply the act, the more grand the gesture seems. Leave a quick “I love you” post-it in their car or on their mirror for a quick romantic touch. For something more overstated, cover a whole wall or mirror with messages instead.

3. Mailed Letter
With an envelope and a stamp, you can give your partner a completely unexpected surprise. There’s just something about opening up mail that’s not a bill or ad that makes your day better – even if it’s just a little note to say “I love you.” You can go all out and handwrite a full love letter, or you can just write a little “I love you and was thinking about you” note onto an index card and slip it into an envelope and mail it.

4. Index Cards
Speaking of index cards, they can be the perfect vessel to deliver a quick handwritten love note. They are perfect to stick in books or magazines or to tuck into shirt pocket. Since they are made from thicker paper, they can serve as a memento or romantic bookmark for later.

5. Sidewalk Chalk
More than just a kid’s activity, sidewalk chalk can be fun tool in your romantic arsenal. It’s the perfect way to leave surprise notes on your sidewalk or driveway for your partner. Take it a step further and use to leave arrows or clues for a romantic scavenger hunt. Make a night time romantic gesture with glow in the dark chalk.

6. Greeting Card
For a few dollars you can find the perfect card to express your romantic sentiments. The fun with a card is in where to leave it. You can opt to mail it to your partner or you can hide it somewhere they’ll find it. For an extra romantic touch, leave a love coupon they can redeem inside.

7. Laminated Love Notes
If you have the resources, laminated love notes can be a ton of fun as a romantic gesture. My personal favorite is to prepare a nice bubble bath and leave the notes hidden within the bath for your partner to find. Ladies, this makes a great gesture for your man when you laminate a lipstick kiss and include a little “love you” with it. That way, they can take it with them wherever they go.

8. Different Language
Add a little flair to your love notes by writing them in a different language. Your partner will need to use a translator like Google Translate to decode the message. This is especially memorable when you use it before or as part of a theme date night.

9. Hidden Love Note Word Search
A fun and creative way to express your romantic thoughts is through a hidden message word search. Once your partner finds all the words in the word search, a secret message will be revealed for them. This is extra romantic for long distance relationships or for a romantic travel gesture.

10. Ransom Note
Make sure they know they’re wanted with a handmade ransom love letter. Cut out letters from magazines to create your message. For a more dramatic effect, you can make the love note by placing your message on a piece of poster board.


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