50 Little Ways to Be Romantic Every Day

50 little ways to be romantic

Romance isn’t about big gestures or planned events. It’s an accumulation of the little acts done repetitively over time that creates a true sense of romance and intimacy. In fact, doing small acts of kindness for your partner generates a feeling of gratitude that can benefit both yourself and your partner.

A study of couples found that the emotion of gratitude helps people find and then bond to the people who care about their welfare. So when you are doing small, frequent romantic acts, you are helping both you and your partner stay in a constant state of gratitude for each other. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

While large gestures are certainly appreciated, when it comes to the big picture, relationships need a constant amount of attention. Just like a garden won’t grow if you only give it a large watering once a month – a relationship can never flourish to its full potential without day-to-day care and attention.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to be an everyday romantic. Romance is about making your partner feel loved, so anything that creates that feeling is going to strengthen your bond. It’s just a matter of finding what specifically speaks to your partner.

To help you get a great start on making your partner feel loved, here is a list of fifty simple little ways you can be romantic every single day!

  1. Call them when they aren’t expecting it just to say, “I’ve been thinking about you and I just wanted to hear your voice,”
  2. Periodically send a short email telling them how much you love them or miss them. You can spice it up a bit when you’re feeling frisky as well.
  3. Leave a flower with a note that says “thinking of you” attached to it.
  4. Hide a “just because” card for them to find.
  5. Share an impromptu slow dance together.
  6. Watch the sunset or sunrise together.
  7. Text them a romantic picture or eCard.
  8. Make playlists for each other to listen to.
  9. Take time to talk about each other’s future dreams and plans.
  10. Share favorite stories about your childhood.
  11. Do something unexpected for your partner.
  12. Surprise your partner with a road trip or quick getaway.
  13. Surprise them with their favorite take-out.
  14. Get them a book from their wish list.
  15. Shower together.
  16. Swap back massages.
  17. Pick a romantic song as their ringtone.
  18. Eat together without using handheld devices.
  19. Wear their favorite perfume or cologne.
  20. Wear their favorite outfit.
  21. Kiss in the rain.
  22. Take a fun class together.
  23. Discover a new hobby together.
  24. Cuddle whenever you can.
  25. Hold hands whenever you can.
  26. Frequently compliment your partner.
  27. Don’t just tell them that you love them – tell them why.
  28. Give them spontaneous long kisses.
  29. Share dessert.
  30. Eat meals by candlelight.
  31. Work on a bucket list together.
  32. Plan a dream romantic getaway together (even if you don’t go on it)
  33. Have a weekly date night.
  34. Make birthdays a big deal
  35. Go on a picnic.
  36. Stargaze together.
  37. Enjoy the hot tub together.
  38. Go on a coffee date.
  39. Sneak away – just to make out.
  40. Watch each other’s favorite movies.
  41. Plan your dream house together.
  42. Have a classic romantic movie marathon.
  43. Frequently tell your partner you are glad to be with them.
  44. Create your own holiday!
  45. Go on a scenic drive and stop to take photos of each other along the way.
  46. Be hometown tourists for the day.
  47. Create a scavenger hunt for your partner.
  48. Walk together.
  49. Make your “if you won the lottery” plan together.
  50. Cuddle while trying to get the other person to laugh.


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