20 Ways to Be Romantic This Halloween + Bonus Reader Ideas!

20 Romantic Halloween Ideas

Scary movies, dark haunted houses, trick or treating, playing truth or dare… these all lend a hand to help make Halloween quite possibly one of the most romantic nights of the year. To help you scare up a little more holiday romance, here are a few romantic ideas to try with your partner. And, as an extra bonus we’ve included five of our readers’ Halloween gift ideas!

  • Rent a few scary movies and cuddle together while watching them.
  • Host or go to a Halloween party.
  • Read ghost stories from a book together.
  • Visit local haunted sites together.
  • Go to a local amusement or theme park that has a special Halloween event.
  • Visit local haunted houses and fairs.
  • Make a day of visiting a local pumpkin patch. Paint pumpkins, take a hay ride, etc.
  • Go trick or treating with each other. Each person plan a special romantic treat for the other to claim on Halloween.
  • Send an anonymous Halloween card.
  • Go to a murder mystery dinner restaurant together.
  • Spend the night outdoors in the woods together. (In a local campground.)
  • Write a love note with the reasons why life would be too scary without your love in it.
  • Surprise your love on Halloween night by dressing up and acting out a sensual role-playing drama.
  • Build a fire in your fireplace and roast marshmallows together.
  • Tell your love how batty you are for them.
  • Play truth or dare together.
  • Prove your love is no trick and get married on Halloween night!
  • Share a spooky candlelit bath together!
  • Dance together to songs on your favorite Halloween playlist.
  • Do a weekly Halloween theme challenge together. Some ideas include drawings, cooking something new, taking a picture a day, sending a Halloween love quote or eCard a day, coloring pictures together daily, watching a Halloween-themed movie/show daily, etc.
  • BONUS: Complete a Halloween bucket list together!


Halloween Love Basket
For Halloween this year, I wanted to do something sweet for my amazing boyfriend. So, I bought a wicker basket from the craft store, along with fake autumn colored leaves. I filled the basket with all of the leaves, wrapped orange and black ribbon around the handle, and tied it with a bow. On the edge of the basket, I put these fake (fall colored) fruits that were on a wire. I bought a dark red candle to go with my autumn/Halloween type theme. I bought orange and black Kisses (caramel!) and sprinkled the entire bag over the leaves. I bought a tiny little black cup that had pumpkins painted on it and filled that with candy corns. I also bought a miniature pumpkin and wrote in black marker, “I Love You!” on it. Finally, I took a picture of me that he had taken recently and framed it. This picture fit perfectly because it had a bit of an orange tint to it. I put all of these things into the basket, along with a Halloween card. He was blown away! He thought I had bought it because it looked so nice. This is a good idea because it can work for any time of year…just change the theme. Plus, you can fill the basket with a variety of different things. Good luck!
-submitted by Nicole

Halloween Surprise
Last Halloween my (at the time) boyfriend did the sweetest thing! We were both in college and he took me out for a nice, but affordable, dinner. Then we walked around several stores looking at the Halloween stuff. I told him how much I love Halloween and he agreed that he did too. The next morning when I stepped out into the hall of my dorm, I saw a plastic pumpkin (like the ones kids take trick-or-treating.) He had filled it with candy and trinkets and had a little beanie baby witch sitting on top. The card with it was a romantic Halloween card. This just melted me, and I was the envy of all the girls in the dorm for having such a creative boyfriend.
-submitted by Sweetness

Halloween Gift Box
My guy is in the Navy. He loves Halloween. Yes he’s a grown man, but loves it. So when it came Halloween time and he was going to be shipped out, I knew what I had to do. I put together a box full of Halloween candy (nothing that would melt) and made the box have a Halloween theme (orange and black packing paper). I also included a Halloween love letter that I wrote. He loved it. He shared the candy with the guys in the unit and they had a mini Halloween on ship. His unit loves me now! They always ask him where his care packages are from me!
-submitted by Krystle

Candy Jack-O-Lantern
As a fun Halloween token of my affection for my boyfriend, I went to a Hallmark store and purchased the most adorable jack-o-lantern shaped drawstring bag (complete with arms and legs). I filled it full of assorted Halloween candy to the top. Amongst the various sweets, I placed a pair of jiggling plastic eyeballs with a note saying “I’ve got my eyes on you!” I then attached a cute and inexpensive Halloween card that I had chosen from the “kiddie” selection and decorated with various sparkly Halloween stickers, to the bag’s drawstring by punching a hole in its top corner. To complete Jack’s goofy expression, I simply hot glued some small jiggly eyes (found at any craft store) onto Jack’s eyes. To complete the entire package, I placed a Beanie Baby Batty inside the bag with its head curiously poking out the top. My boyfriend loved it!! He now uses the jack-o-lantern bag to hold my love letters and cards that I have sent him. He thought it was the SWEETEST idea! You could also use this idea for a Christmas themed token, or any other holiday using anything associated with that particular day. Just use your imagination, and keep it fun!
-submitted by R. Cordeiro


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