About Romance Wire

About Romance Wire

There’s much written and devoted to the subject of love. What it is, how to get it and how to keep it. The problem is that even with all this information readily available, literally at our fingertips, love is still an action word. You need to show it and live it every single day. This is where Romance Wire comes in.

To truly “romance” your partner, you need fresh and fun ideas. You need inspiration and a true understanding of relationships to create positive effects in your own relationship. This is what you’ll find within the pages of Romance Wire. Don’t look for the typically fluffy ‘candy and roses’ tips, either. In our mind, romance means literally anything that you do or say that makes your partner feel loved. That opens up an entirely new perspective on keeping things exciting in your relationship.

To give you all these great tools, we’re teaming up with experts AND readers and couples just like you to dish out the best advice and ideas we can find. If you’re ready to start romancing your partner, take a look at our most recent features here.

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