Date Night: Fun in the Hot Tub

Date Night Hot Tub Ideas

A hot tub is a fairly normal romantic location – the warm water, the lack of clothing and the close quarters combine to easily create a sensual situation. Of course, even a surefire romantic encounter can be enhanced with a little planning and a few accessories. With that in mind, use the suggestions below to take your hot tub date night from warm to hot!

Sensual Essentials:

Romantic Lighting
Candles, soft lamps, or twinkle lights are an important addition to the romantic ambiance. It’s also romantic to watch the sun rise or set in the hot tub, and the lighting is provided for you!

Cold bottles of water, champagne, exotic fruit juices over ice, blended drinks, and cocktails are great hot-tubbing drinks. Beer isn’t usually a good choice because it gets warm too fast. Cold snacks are very refreshing as well. Grapes, carrot sticks, and popsicles are some good suggestions.

While many experts recommend using water-based lubricants, there is a time and a place for non-water based ones. Hot-tubbing is one of them. Use it for all sorts of sensual play (including massage) and it won’t rinse off!

Especially for nighttime tubbing, music is another way to further enhance the mood. Make a playlist that is conducive to the mood you hope to achieve.

Things To Do:

Relaxing Rub
Massage away your lover’s tension in their shoulders, neck, head, face, back, chest, legs, hands and feet. You can use non-water-based lubricant instead of massage oil to reduce the amount of residue in your tub.

Horizontal Play
Foreplay is great in the water because your bodies are slippery and light, you can’t see very well under the water line, and everyone looks sexy when they’re wet. However, it is best for your vital parts to be out of the water for intercourse, so don’t be afraid to get creative with positioning. Some ways you can make things work is to be poised over the side, sitting on the ledge, or even on his lap. of course, you can also mix it up by facing forward and backward in all of those positions.

Fun And Games
There is a great game for hot tub play called “Bathtub Love.” There are floating “bubbles” filled with hilarious sensual suggestions. Some are fairly tame while others are pretty wild. A few will have your sides busting at the very thought! Another idea is to use bathtub finger paints or chocolate paints with your lover as the canvas (just make sure you make a clean-up plan beforehand).

Water Play
Bring him to his knees with a super hot water show. Men love to watch water glide over a woman’s skin. Some ways to do it in the tub may be: pouring water from the crown of your head down your back, drizzling it slowly from your chest down your body or squeezing it from a sponge wherever you want him to touch you. Watch your guy melt as the water slips over your curves. Wake him from his trance with a little playful splashing before getting onto other activities. The show could be a spontaneous 30 second tease or a planned-out performance. Either way, it is sure to be a hit with your lover.

Reader Submitted Ideas:

Hot Tub Surprise
Over the past month, my fiancé and I have not had much time to spend together because he started a new job with new hours and I’m usually asleep by the time he gets home. Our weekends are usually filled with wedding planning. But one night, I surprised him when he got home from work. That night he came home to a dark apartment, as usual. He walked into our bedroom to check on me like he always does, but I wasn’t asleep. I wasn’t even in the room, but I’d left something for him. Sitting on the bed were a pair of his swim shorts, a pair of flip flops, a towel, and a picture I took of myself in the hot tub. He got the hint, and he quickly changed clothes and made his way out to the deck. Once outside, he found me lounging in the hot tub with a bottle of wine and some fresh fruit. The look on his face was priceless! It was a great night, and really let us connect with each other.
-submitted by Eryn

Steamy Romance
Go to your hot tub, set candles all around the edges, and just steam together in each other’s’ arms.
-submitted by Anonymous

An Inexpensive Hot Tub
I live in Michigan and it’s always so cold in the winter that I want to find some way to keep warm. One night I had the brilliant idea of using the bathtub as a hot tub. My boyfriend and I both put on our swimsuits and climbed in. We’ve since bought waterproof playing cards for our “hot tubbing” experiences. There may not be a lot of room, but it’s a lot of fun. (I discovered Target sells bubble bath finger paint in the section with the regular bubble bath.)
-submitted by Kimber

Caesar’s Spa
Do you have an in-ground hot tub? If so, this is a good idea for you to try. In Ancient Rome, people relaxed in spas nude. What an opportunity to treat someone like a king/queen, plus one of you is already without clothes! This could lead to some pleasant rewards from your sweetheart! Find a place to buy or rent some Roman-style columns. Be sure to get one short column, about waist height. Set up the columns around the hot tub, putting the shorter one inside the circle of the bigger ones. Buy a toga at a costume shop (or you could improvise a toga with a plain white bed sheet). Set up a silver tray with finger food like grapes, strawberries, cherries, and mangos, as well as glasses of fruity wine. Put on some slow classical music to set the mood. Set the tray of food on the shorter column and cover it with a towel. As soon as your lover walks through the door, start removing their clothes, saying nothing until they ask what you are doing. Tell them (your name here) ordered that you are to be their servant today. If they use your name, tell them, “I’m not that person,” and give them a fake name. Once they are fully undressed, lead them arm-in-arm to the “Spa.” Feed them from the tray, and when they’ve had enough, set the tray aside, and ask, “What would you have me do now, Master?” By now, your sweetheart should have one thing on their mind! Let things progress naturally from there, and enjoy your night in Caesar’s Spa!
-submitted by Angel’s Sweetie

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