15 First Date Ideas Under $25

25 first date ideas

The first date is a rite of passage for many relationships. It can be a “make or break” kind of situation. The best first dates give you both an opportunity to get to know each other while in a comfortable setting. That’s where these fun and creative ideas can help. As an added bonus, they won’t break the bank either. In fact, you should be able to do any of these in style for less than $25!

Sunset Picnic
Grab some non-messy finger foods and head out to a great lookout spot to watch the sunset together. Use this opportunity to discover more about your date and their interests.

Dessert Date
Instead of going out for a full meal, go straight to dessert! For less than $25, you can get three to four desserts that you can share together. It also provides a fun and intimate setting to get to know each other better.

Nature Walk/Hike
Let the outdoors be the canvas for your potential romance. Bring a camera and take turns capturing memories of your first time spent together.

Gallery or Museum Date
Art galleries and museums are generally fairly inexpensive and offer an interesting change of pace for a date night. You can make it even more interesting by planning your date night when the location is having a special event.

Coffee & Bookstore Date
Grab some coffee and then browse through your favorite sections of a local bookstore together.

Early Afternoon Movie Date
Save money and avoid the crowds by watching the next great flick during the matinee showings. Eat before you go to curb the craving for expensive movie snacks.

Wine Tasting
Wine tasting isn’t just for wineries anymore. Many stores and restaurants offer wine or other types of tasting nights, especially during special events.

Seasonal/Local Events
Your own city can be a hotspot for fun, unique events on the cheap. From farmer’s markets to fairs and other local events, it pays to keep up on what’s going in your city.

Flea Market Finds
No budget for big-ticket items? Don’t worry! Make a list of your local thrift stores or flea markets and take a trip together to see what you can find. Bonus – If you find something you can restore, you’ve got plans for another date night!

Watch a Local Band
Many restaurants and bars host live local bands throughout the week and weekend. Find one that suits your tastes and have an inexpensive night out.

Bowling Night
Bowling is a great, cheap throwback date night idea. Make it more fun by assigning each other silly nicknames and wearing crazy socks.

Take A Class Together
Many community centers and even local shops offer cheap or free classes on a variety of topics. Check out some that are of interest to you both for a fun and unique night out together.

Attend A Local Theatre Performance
Love the theatre, but not necessarily the price tag of good seats? Save money and support up-and-coming artists by attending local performances instead.

Comedy Club
Comedy clubs are an often-overlooked source of entertainment. Admission is usually the price of a few drinks, which keeps you below the $25 mark.

Arcade Night
Relive your younger days with a night out at an arcade! In some areas, you may even find nickel or dime arcades, which makes this an exceptionally cheap and fun date night idea.

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