5 Reader-Favorite Romantic Halloween Date Night Ideas

halloween date nights

Spice up your traditional date night this month with our readers’ favorite Halloween date night ideas! Whether you’re looking for tricks or treats, these ideas should provide plenty of romantic fodder to scare up your own spooky night of love.

Halloween Themed Movie Marathon Weekend
Every Halloween weekend, my fiance and I have a Halloween movie marathon just for the two of us. We choose a theme (One year it was vampires, another was werewolves) and rent movies relating to the theme. Over the course of the weekend we watch 8-10 movies. We turn the lights down and put orange and black votive candles around the room. We order food from a local take out restaurant and during the movie nibble on candy corn, Halloween cupcakes and other snacks. And most importantly, we cuddle up – especially during the scary parts!
-submitted by Kristel S., Brooklyn, NY

Halloween Hijinks
I suggest to couples to do some Halloween “tricking” together – be kids again & get the giggles together. A few years ago, my husband and I decided it would be fun to walk down to our friends house and completely bury his car in leaves. We giggled the whole time and felt close – we were, after all, “conspiring” together. After the deed was done, we lay down on the chilly ground in the colorful leaves giggling and kissing. It was very romantic, fun, and whimsical.
-submitted by Melissa

Halloween Fright Night
One Halloween night years ago, my sister and I decided to go buy the most scariest realistic masks we could find. I had just gotten married and my husband and I were spending Halloween night with my sister and her husband. We wanted to pull a good one on them. That night we all went to bed and I had put the mask I bought under my pillow. Thinking my husband was asleep, I got up to use the bathroom and returned to bed. My sister lived in a mobile home and it wasn’t very big at all. I climbed in bed and all of a sudden my husband turned to me and had the mask on, it scared me so bad, I jumped out of bed screaming and running and ran smack into the wall. He got me with my own mask! We still laugh about that to this day.
-submitted by P.N.

Cemetery Picnic
For Halloween each year we grab a sleeping bag, flashlight, bottle of wine, stereo, and a ghost story audiobook. We then go to an old cemetery in a small little town where the headstones are raised off the ground. We spread out the blanket, put on the ghost story, and cuddle and drink wine! Talk about a spooky romantic night!|
-submitted by Sarah

For another twist on the Cemetery Picnic idea…
It was around Halloween time and my boyfriend and I took turns thinking of creative ideas to do for dates. For one of my dates, I planned a picnic dinner with caramel apples, apple cider, and other Halloween type foods. I had a Halloween playlist of haunting organ music that really made the mood. Then we went to a cemetery and ate our picnic just at twilight. It was fun and the whole Halloween theme made it more interesting.
-submitted by Jen

Halloween Love Hunt
I love Halloween, and wanted to do something romantic for my honey. We’ve been together for nine years, but we always do things to spice it up! So, while he was on the treadmill in the spare room, I slid a card under the door for him. It was a Halloween card with a cute poem instructing him to go straight into the bathroom and shower. When he got out, he found another clue on the back of the bathroom door. The clues eventually led him into the living room, where I had the whole evening set up! The day before, I went to my brother’s house and carved seven pumpkins with stars & circles. I set those up all around the living room with candles. I also bought black candles to put all around the apartment, and had a vase of black roses on the coffee table along with black shot glasses and white & black stem wine glasses. I also made caramel apples and kettle corn to put on the table. I got him a present of three scary DVDs. We spent the evening cuddled up on the couch watching scary movies by candlelight, drinking and munching on snacks. It was a blast!
-submitted by Lizzy

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