20 Places To Hide Love Notes

Places to Hide Love Notes

Let’s face it, no matter what mood you’re in, it’s always a delightful surprise to find a hidden love note somewhere. The next time you want to show your amorous side, think about leaving a little “I love you” or a “You’re sexy!” love note someplace special and unexpected. For ideas on where to place them, see below:

  1. Inside your partner’s towel.
  2. Inside a book your love is currently reading.
  3. Taped behind a cupboard.
  4. Behind your partner’s car sun visor.
  5. On their pillow.
  6. Inside their shoe.
  7. Taped to their favorite beverage.
  8. The bottom (outside) of a clear glass.
  9. Hanging on a doorknob.
  10. Taped on the backside of the remote control.
  11. Inside the microwave. (Where they’ll immediately see it.)
  12. Inside your partner’s wallet or purse.
  13. Laminated in a bubble bath.
  14. Very large, taped on an outside window.
  15. Attached to your love’s key chain.
  16. In your mailbox.
  17. On the ceiling, above your bed.
  18. In your partner’s drawer.
  19. Inside a CD or movie sleeve.
  20. Inside your love’s favorite coffee cup.

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