20 Quick and Easy Ways to Say I Love You

20 Ways To Say I Love You

You don’t need to constantly shower your partner with gifts and acts of kindness in order to show your affection, but every so often, it’s nice to have a little something out of the ordinary done for you. Sometimes we need a little way to say thanks or help create a romantic mood for the week. Whatever the reason, you’ll find the perfect idea for a quick and simple way to say “I love you” in the list below:

  1. Make breakfast in bed.
  2. Do a chore for your partner.
  3. Leave a loving voicemail message.
  4. Bring their favorite take-out home.
  5. Buy a lottery ticket and write on the back, “Because you feel lucky in love.”
  6. Buy a potted plant and attach a note that says, “My love for you continues to grow.”
  7. Buy a spare key and spray paint it red. Attach it to their key ring with a note that says, “You now hold the key to my heart.”
  8. Pick up a copy of their favorite magazine and leave it for them to find.
  9. Do something with them you wouldn’t normally do, and be happy about it.
  10. Give them a night out to do what they want; guilt and kid-free!
  11. Unexpectedly, whisper a reason why you fell in love with them in their ear.
  12. Create a playlist of love songs or songs with special meaning.
  13. Set a weekly recurring task reminder on their phone or computer to tell them you love them.
  14. Start a private blog or journal dedicated to your partner. Each week write a paragraph about how you feel about them. If you wish, give your partner the password so they can respond and write something back!
  15. Write short love messages on some index cards. Hide the cards in various places for your partner to find.
  16. Instead of a dozen roses, go to your local bakery or grocery store and get a dozen homemade cookies.
  17. Get a single silk rose and attach a note that says, “I will love you until this rose withers away.”
  18. On the way home, grab a few individual desserts at a bakery or grocery store and some candles. After dinner, set up the candles and dessert and share a few quiet moments together.
  19. When they least expect it, put on your song and surprise them with a romantic dance.
  20. The next time you are together in public, make it a point to hold hands.
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