52 Places to Make Love + Printable

Want to do something a little different to spice things up in (or out of) the bedroom? Consider some of the places on our 52 Places to Make Love list! Feel especially adventurous and randy? Give all 52 places a try with our printable check sheet!

52 Places to Make Love

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On a pool table
On top of a washer while it’s running
On a soft rug in front of a fireplace
In a hotel
On a waterbed
In your house during the day with the windows open
On the bathroom floor
In a sauna
In a tent
In every room of your house
On a chair
On an air mattress
On your kitchen table

On a porch swing
In the backyard under the stars
In the woods after it rains
On the beach at night
On a trampoline
In an open field at night
On your patio, balcony, or deck
In the mountains
On a blanket beside a lake
In a sleeping bag under the stars
Off a beaten trail in the woods
Next to a campfire
In a hammock
At a rest area

In the pool on a floatie
In a swimming pool
Under a waterfall
Outside in the rain
In a hot tub
In a bathtub
In the shower

On the hood of a car
On a motorcycle
In the car on a deserted road
In a car wash
In the back of a limo
In the car at a drive-in movie
In a convertible
In an RV during a road trip

In a public restroom
In a plane
On a train
In an elevator
In your office
At the gym
In an amusement park

In bed with rose petals all over
In a room filled with lit candles
While handcuffed to your bed

Kiss & Tell! Where’s your favorite or most unusual place to make love with your partner? Spill your secrets below!

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