Date Night Idea: Flashback Date

Flashback Date

Reliving the past is always a fun way to stir up old romantic memories and add a little spark to your relationship. Every couple has their own history and story to tell, and taking time out to remember the good times is a great way to reconnect with each other. With this in mind, a flashback date night can be the perfect way to tap into that “new love” feeling again. If you’re ready to relive the past, here are a few ideas of where to start:

The Year You Met
This one is the classic flashback opportunity, as it involves a year full of firsts. Relive all the romance of the year you first met by watching the first movie you ever saw together, having the first meal you shared or dancing to “your” song. You can add to the date night by actually recreating your entire first date as well.

The Year You or Your Partner Were Born
This idea is a fun decade date night as well. Figure out what the hottest hobbies, movies and songs were and fashion a night reliving the year you were born. For fun, you can also step back in time by looking at each other’s baby pictures.

The Year Either of You Graduated
The year you graduate marks a special turning point in most people’s lives. It’s typically a time of letting go and looking forward to starting the rest of your life. Bring back some of you partner’s fondest memories of their school years by theming your date night around the year they graduated.

The Year You Got Married/Engaged
For married couples, few dates hold significance like your anniversary. Instead of just celebrating the day, make a date night based of the year you were married or engaged. You can take this date night up a notch by including the place you got engaged in the mix as well.

A Year of Significance for Either You or Your Partner
Each couple has their own special dates that are significant to them. If you have a special date, celebrate it with a themed date night around the year that prompted the special occasion. Recreate any notable romantic moments for that extra special touch.

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