How To Talk Dirty To Your Man

How to Talk Dirty In BedIs your man craving the sound of your voice during sex play? He’s not alone. According to the Cosmo website, “A past Cosmo sex poll found that 52 percent of men are moved by moans and sighs, while 37 percent dig outright dirty talk.” Not sure how to cater to his aural fantasy? If you’re up to the task, here are some great tips for getting a little more vocal in the sack.

Don’t fake it.
If you’re not into it, just don’t do it. If you’re too worried about what they’ll say about you not being comfortable with or not in the mood, you probably shouldn’t be having sex with the person in the first place. At any rate, trying to talk dirty when you’re not feeling it will only backfire and kill the mood. When you’re out of the bedroom you can talk with your partner about why you didn’t want to do it and what things you’re actually comfortable with sexually.

Say what you’re comfortable with.
Some women have no issues with being frank in the bedroom – others may feel a bit on the shy side. Wherever your comfort level lies, don’t worry about staying within it. You don’t have to give commands or even talk about body parts if you don’t want. Just tell your partner what you like or even share an erotic fantasy. Honestly, your man just wants to hear your voice and know that you’re enjoying what’s going on. There’s not too much you can say that will be a turn-off.

You’re not filming a porno.
If you’ve watched any kind of pornographic film, you might be feeling a little intimidated by the thought of dirty talk. The key to keep in mind here is that you’re not in front of a camera trying to perform so that you’re fulfilling a sexual fantasy for countless men (and women). This is between you and your lover. The most important take away from a porno is the silent communication giving through eye contact. The girls rarely lose eye contact. In that moment when you’re really making a connection, knowing what to say will just come naturally.

Get in character
Sometimes when you’re not as comfortable being yourself, it can help to role-play a different role to allow you to get more vocal. Talk about different scenarios you’d both like to play out such as teacher/student, nurse/doctor or repair person/housewife. These characters open up quite a bit of potential for dirty talk in ways that make it easier go about it. You may just find yourself saying things you never thought you’d be comfortable with.

Phrases He’ll Love
Now that you know the basics, it’s time to put things into action. Below are a few phrases to help get you started. Personalize them according to your own scenario and replace the XXX with whatever’s going on.

  • You taste so good.
  • I love it when you XXX.
  • I’m going to XXX.
  • That’s the best XXX.
  • Come over here and XXX.
  • You are so gorgeous.
  • This is going to be the best XXX.
  • Whatever you want, I’m going to do to you.
  • I love the way your naked skin feels against mine.
  • I love your tongue when you XXX.

Kiss & Tell! What’s your favorite way to talk dirty to your man? Is there anything he especially loves? Spill your secrets below!

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