Quickies: The How, The When & The Where

Quickies 101While we all may dream of ridiculously romantic candlelit erotic encounters, in real life these moments can be few and far between. Sometimes a couple has got to take what they can get, when they can get it. Enter the quickie. A quickie is like the fast food of sex. It’s instantly gratifying, and while like fast food a diet of quickies alone can be damaging, odds are it may just be what you were craving and needed. The concept of a quickie is simple enough in theory, however, like any spontaneous act there needs to be a few things in play to make sure you can take advantage of the situation whenever the mood strikes.

1. Location, location, location
Wherever you are, there’s probably a good chance you can make a quickie work. Even with the motivation, if one partner isn’t feeling “it,” you’re going to get a satisfying sexual experience for the both of you. Before attempting a quickie, make sure you know what your partner’s comfort level is and what mental and physical limitations they have. Each person is unique, and knowing how your partner thinks in this regard will help you to make the most of any potential quickie scenario. Some ideas for great quickie locations include:

  • In the car
  • In the kitchen
  • At work (if you’re sure you won’t get caught)
  • In the elevator
  • On a table
  • In the shower
  • On the washing machine (while it’s on)
  • In the pool or hot tub
  • On the couch

2. The privacy factor.
While the idea of getting caught is part of the appeal of public or “sneaky” sex, getting caught isn’t. This doesn’t just apply to public sex either. If you are trying to squeeze in a quickie before dinner guests arrive or the babysitter gets there, if your partner’s mind is too focused on getting caught it won’t be enjoyable. Make sure you’re being practical about giving each other enough time to do the deed. If not, you might want to think outside the box and satisfy one partner with an IOU for the other at a later time. Talk with each other ahead of time about things you like and are willing to do if there’s not enough time for both you. That way when you’re in the moment you can go straight to your go-to move without wasting any time.

3. Practicality
While you may be in the mood together, does the situation lend itself to practically going through with sex? Nothing gives sexual dissatisfaction as much as you both being eager and ready to get things rolling and then realizing you have to hit the brakes before you’re done. In these situations a “quickie kit” may be just what you need to handle most issues that pop up. Useful things to have on hand include lubrication, towel or moist towelettes and condoms. You can get sample or travel sizes of most lubes and the other items are small enough that you should be able to fit them in your purse or glove box of your car.

4. The when of the matter.
The entire point of the quickie is to take advantage of every situation that’s presented to you. That means if you wake up a little bit early, why not have a morning romp. Is your schedule clear for part of the afternoon? Call your partner and have them meet you at nearby hotel. Quickies are about being slightly adventurous while making the most of your time together. So if the occasion rises, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity.

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