Date Night: Find It & Fix It

find it fix it date

Whether you’re a DIY guru or just think that the idea of restoring a piece of furniture sounds fun, this date idea is sure to win you points for creativity. The idea is simple – find an old piece of furniture, take it home and fix it up. If you and your partner don’t live together, finding a matching pair of pieces can ensure that you both remember this date night for years to come.

Finding the Furniture
This part of the date might be best suited for earlier in the day, either the day of the “restoration” date or a few days before if your schedule doesn’t allow for that. Have a rough idea of the size of furniture you want, and try to find something that’s in pretty good shape. It would be a shame to finish your restoration only to watch it fall apart soon after.

When looking for your piece, consider some of the following options:

  • Thrift store
  • Yard sales
  • Estate sales
  • Swap meets
  • Unfinished furniture stores
  • Discount stores
  • Thrown away furniture
  • Craigslist, particularly the “free” section
  • Fixing It Up
    Once you’ve found a piece you both like, the real fun can start. Pick out a location where you have enough room to work together and make sure that your chosen space has good ventilation. Protect the floor with a drop cloth and put on some clothes you won’t mind getting ruined.

    Painting It
    Chances are your restoration is going to involve some paint, so don’t forget to sand the piece first. When selecting the paint, keep the size of your piece in mind. If it’s something small, consider using spray paint instead of buying an entire can. There are many different spray textures you can use to create fun effects. Be willing to experiment – after all, you can always sand it down and try again later.

    Embellish It
    After your furniture piece has been painted and dried, you might consider adding your own personal touches to it. You can distress the paint to give it a different look, decoupage memorabilia from past dates, or glue on jewels or other embellishments that match your décor. Wallpaper cut-outs can also be a great finishing touch.

    Romantic Touches
    Utilize all the time you spend together on this project in the most romantic ways possible. Plan a picnic lunch in the middle of your trip to find the furniture. Cook your partner’s favorite meal during the restoration, or order your favorite takeout. Put on a CD or movie you both love as background noise. Use the time spent fixing up your new creation to share a few personal stories and grow a little closer. Just remember – even if your combined efforts don’t yield and award-winning piece, you’ll still have had a great time working together as a team.

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