12 Ways to Spend More Time Together

spend more time together

When I talk to couples, one of the biggest things that comes up as a relationship issue is how to spend more time together. With our busy lives and constant distractions, it’s easy to see how a relationship can be put on the back burner. Think about your relationship…How much time have you spent with your partner lately? Not time sitting on the sofa watching TV or over dinner, but real one-on-one time.

It’s amazing how much a little “private” time can help improve even the best of relationships. In the spirit of the quote by Torquato Tasso, “Any time not spent on love is wasted,” I implore you to give your partner the most precious gifts of all – your time. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

It Really Is the Little Things
First, make it easier to spend a few minutes here and there talking by taking advantage of everyday actions. The perfect opportunity may be in taking a few minutes before getting out of the car to go somewhere. Lean over and kiss your partner and tell them you love them. Then, ask how their day was or how they’re doing. Call your partner up every so often, even if you live together, and just talk for a few minutes like old friends. Before you go to bed is also a great time to spend together. Talk about your goals and dreams and snuggle before falling asleep.

Play Hooky
Every once in awhile, take the day off or call in sick and just hang out together. Or, if you have kids, hire a nanny for the day or enlist a friend or family member to watch them, and go for a walk or have a picnic. Try to keep to activities that promote talking, unlike movies or concerts, etc.

Hobby Time!
Another fun way to promote one-on-one time is to find a hobby you can both do together, like gardening, doing puzzles, working with miniature trains, cooking, playing music, hobby cars, watercolors, photography, etc. A past love and I, for a short time, found a great way to work together by doing woodcrafts. I designed the craft, he cut them out and we painted them together. For Christmas, we had a fabulous collection of keepsakes that not only we admired (and had a blast creating), but so did our friends and family. With a little creativity and joint effort, you can find the perfect hobby for you both.

Date Night
When was the last time the two of you went out on a date? If it’s been a while, institute a date night. Ask your love out to a specific place, with a specific time to be ready. If you date quite often, make it an “at home” date. A picnic in the living room or a complete night snuggled in bed might be the perfect thing for you.

Game Night
When you’re both bored and have no idea what to do, get up, light a few candles, break out any old board or card games, order a pizza and play. Even if you don’t play for very long, it’s still a perfect way to provide a little one-on-one time.

Baths for Two
One really intimate way to reconnect is sharing a bath for two. Regardless of whether things turn sexual or not, sharing even just a half hour of pure one-on-one time can do wonders to help you both deeply reconnect. So, when you feel like you need some serious alone time with your partner, break out the candles and bubble bath and steal them away for a bit!

Work Out Together
Nothing boosts your mood, or improves your sex life, like a good workout. Take advantage of the endorphins together with a couple’s workout. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then plan to do some more active activities together like hiking, playing a sport or even just some nature walks. You’ll create a positive relationship ritual and get to spend more time with your partner.

Built In Daycare Activities
If you have children, finding a sitter can put a real damper on being able to spend alone time. For those occasions where you just want to spend a half hour or so alone together, look for establishments that offer daycare. For instance, IKEA has a supervised play area. You can also take advantage of activities that keep your children occupied such as the park or even the movies. For vacations, look for places that provide daycare as an option.

Everyday Activities
There are tasks that have to be done each week whether we like them or not. Use those moments to work together as a team and carve out some extra time to spend with each other. For example, go grocery shopping together or do some household chores like folding laundry together. It’s not the most “romantic” thing you can do, but it does create a more intimate bond with each other.

Take A Class Together
One way to guarantee you’ll spend some time together is to sign up for a class together. You can master a skill you’ve both been wanting to learn, or tackle something more fun and couple-oriented like ballroom dancing or cooking.

Go For A Drive
Sometimes just getting out of the house together is enough to create needed alone time. In these situations, just drive around for a bit and talk. If you want, you can grab some easy to eat take-out and find a scenic spot to cozy up together.

Make Time for Cuddling
Having time for some physical bonding is crucial to keeping the spark in your relationship going. You can carve out a few extra minutes for this by going to bed or waking up about fifteen minutes earlier than you normally would. If you’re really feeling it, you can do both! This way, you are either beginning your day or ending it on a romantic note with your partner.

spend time together

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