6 Love Rules That Every Couple Should Follow

6 Rules to Love By Every Couple Should Follow @RomanceWire

When a couple enters into a relationship, it’s not often that they think about things analytically. You fall in love and things just kind of go from there. It’s not until later on in the relationship that you start to think about what actually being in a relationship means. That’s when the little things start to creep up and you may find that the relationship starts to get really tested by life.

The couples that survive this testing period are ones that understand the basic rules of love and relationships. When you have a few guidelines that both of you always follow, you will find that you have a solid foundation for adapting and growing together no matter what trying times you may face.

Like many life truths, the rules to love by are pretty simple to understand, but take some effort to continuously follow. If you want to make sure your relationship is a lasting one, read through the following love rules with your partner and make a commitment to take them to heart:

Love Rule #1 – Always be honest.
Nothing can damage a relationship more than dishonesty, even “little” white lies. In every case, honesty is the best policy. This also means you shouldn’t put yourself in situations that you feel the need to lie about. If you’re considering doing something and you’re worried about telling your partner about it, just don’t do it. Relationships are built on trust. Once broken it’s very difficult to rebuild. Avoid, at any cost, falling into this trap.

This also means that you need to make sure you fess up when something does go awry. No one is perfect, and you can greatly minimize the emotional damage by taking accountability for whatever has happened. Every time you take accountability you are signaling to your partner that they can trust you, even when you make a mistake.

Love Rule #2 -Never disparage your partner.
The way you treat your partner tells a lot about the health of your relationship. Habitually exhibiting a lack of respect for your partner will not only kill your relationship over time like a slow toxin, but make you both miserable during the process.  Remember your relationship will NOT be perfect. Whatever is going on, you both deserve each other’s love and respect.

If you have an issue that is bothering you, take the time to talk it out with your partner. Even if it feels small and insignificant, it’s better to talk it out then let resentment fester into disrespect. It’s also a good idea to watch your own self talk to make sure you aren’t unwittingly disrespecting your partner with negative comments or flippant remarks made to each other or to other people about your partner as well.

Love Rule #3 – Never let your partner disparage you.
Personal integrity is one of your most valuable assets. Lose that and you lose your identity as a being. Everyone deserves to be treated with value and love. If you have a partner who doesn’t respect you, talk to them about it. Let them know how you feel. Give clear examples of how you feel disrespected, and talk about ways to go about things in the future. If it’s not something they are willing to change… find someone else. If someone doesn’t appreciate you for who you are or see the value in being in a relationship with you, they just aren’t worth your time, let alone the negative emotional damage they will do to you in the long run.

Love Rule #4 – Make romance a top priority.
Contrary to popular opinion, romance doesn’t just exist. When the “honeymoon” period is over, you do have to put in some effort to keep it alive. It doesn’t have to be much. In fact, the most romantic people I know just take the time to do the little things to make their partner feel special. Make a commitment to do something romantic at least every day. Remember, romance is making someone feel loved.  Even taking the time to really listen to how your partner’s day went can be considered romantic if it makes them feel loved.

Love Rule #5 – Have a clear communication plan.
When you are with another person, especially in a long-term relationship, communication becomes the cornerstone of your relationship. What you say, or don’t say, carries considerable weight – especially when it comes to heightened emotional situations such as disagreements or making major life decisions together. One way to make sure your communication stays as healthy and clear as possible amidst emotionally charged times is to have an agreed upon communication plan. This type of predetermined agreement sets the guidelines for important discussions, so you can find a resolution in a drama-free way.

Love Rule #6 – Don’t hold onto grudges.
Resentment and anger have no place in a loving relationship –  neither does a “being right” attitude. A key rule to love buy is to make sure forgiveness is an active part of your relationship. Let’s face it, the only person holding on to a grudge actually hurts is yourself. When you focus on your negative emotions, you are blocking yourself from seeing the positive side of things. Not only that, but holding on to a past issue literally weighs you down emotionally and physically.

You may think you are protecting yourself from another potential future hurt or you may feel justified in your “rightness,” but really you are harming yourself and your health in ways you may not realize. If your partner has done something to upset you, do whatever it takes to clear the problem up. Then, forgive them and move on. Even if things don’t work out with your partner in the end, you don’t need to sacrifice your own health and wellbeing because of someone else’s mistakes.


What are some of your own rules to love by? Do you find they make it easier to communicate within your relationship?


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