7 Ways to Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Spice Things Up In the BedroomLike anything we love, when we’re frequently exposed to something, the idea or thought of it can lose a bit of its original luster and appeal. This can certainly be applied to our sex lives. We go through ups and downs in our states of arousal and moods, and these things can play a contributing factor to not only our desire for having sex, but also the satisfaction we have while doing it. To help prevent bedroom boredom, here are seven tips that will kick things up a notch in your sex life!

Make time for foreplay.
According to scientists from McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada it takes both women and men an average of 10 minutes to become sexually aroused. Obviously every person is unique and will have varying arousal times, however, the point is to make sure you make time to really get in the mood. Let’s be honest, ten minutes is a minimal time investment in romance to dramatically increase the quality of the sex play to come. You don’t have to be brain surgeon to know the more aroused you and your partner are, the better the sex is going to be for you both.

Extend your love play outside of the bedroom.
It’s good to liven things up in the bedroom, but moving your sex play into other rooms can heighten the experience and help build anticipation. This doesn’t mean you have to have sex in new places (although that’s nice too!), but rather take the foreplay to a new level by incorporating it into your everyday life. Leave sexy notes for your partner to find in their pocket or wallet at work. When you’re in a crowded place, let your hand linger a little longer than normal to get them thinking sexually. During your normal TV time, use commercials as an opportunity for a quick make-out session.

Try new positions.
The enemy of boredom is variety. When you feel things might be getting in a rut sexually, take it up a notch and have a night of new positions. There are tons of websites and books available that cover an extraordinary amount of sexual positions. Spend time together looking through them to pick a few you’d both like to try and agree to do one new position at least once a week for a month.

Use your visual appeal.
Men are visual creatures and typically love to look and touch. Use that to your advantage by spicing things up with a little lingerie or taking the extra time to “doll up” your hair and makeup. You can even increase the visual appeal with luxurious bedding and a clean room.

Play with your toys.
Break out your toy stash and have a fun night getting a little creative. Think your partner may have issues with your new friend? Think again… According to an study on vibrator use in America published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 81% percent of women have brought a vibrator into bed with a guy. If you don’t have any or just want something a little new, start the night off with a trip to your favorite adult store. Toys are a fun way to heighten the sensations you feel naturally and while they aren’t something you’ll use all the time, they can be a fun way to changes things up a bit.

Delight their senses.
Our senses have a profound affect on our moods. If you know a particular scent your partner loves, use that to trigger their arousal. If you know a certain type of material feels exceptionally good, using it on your bed can heighten the sexual experience. Think about your partner’s preferences for things like color, smell, touch and music and use those to help set the stage for an unforgettable night of passion.

Get in the game.
All of the ideas in this article are great for spicing things up in the bedroom, but a lot of them can take some time and preparation. When you want to just get right in there and do something awesome both you and partner will love, consider trying out a love or sex game. Everything you need is in the box and typically you just have to do what the games says. It’s a great way to bring your sex play to a new level without needing a lot of work to implement.

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