Midnight Snacks for Lovers

Midnight Snacks for Lovers

Late night snacking is the perfect opportunity to sneak in some real quality couple time. Usually you’re relaxed and looking for something a bit more fun and different in the culinary department. This is where our favorite midnight snacks come in! Below, we’ve featured some of our go-to late night snacks that capture the best of your after dark fun and frisky mood.

Cheese & Crackers Tray
A quick and easy snack that you can kick up the romance factor with by feeding each other. Don’t just limit yourself to the traditional cheese and crackers either. Add some variety by including fruits (dried and fresh), meats and easily sliced vegetables such as cucumbers.

French Bread Pizzas
Late night snacking isn’t always just about the food, it’s about the mood you’re both in as well. Making your own pizzas is a perfect way to capture the spirit of whimsy you’re both feeling. Just get out your favorite toppings, preheat your oven to 400 degrees and and bake for five to seven minutes or until cheese is golden brown. For fun, experiment and make each other’s pizza for them.

Pita Pockets
Another fun and easy to make snack is pita pocket sandwiches. You can fill them with just about anything from caesar salad to meatballs – your creativity is pretty much the only thing in your way.

Chocolate Fondue
If you’ve got a fondue set, this could become your favorite after (or quite possible before) tryst snack. Melt your favorite type of chocolate and feed each other dipped fruits, marshmallows, pound cake or whatever you’re in the mood for!

Ice Cream Sundaes
If you’ve got a strong craving for something sweet, dish up your favorite ice cream. If you have enough toppings, go all out and make your own sundaes for an extra treat!

Something Simple
Often it’s the simple things that bring about those special moments. Forage through your pantry and fridge and dig up whatever looks good. It could be leftovers, a bowl of cereal, ramen or even a TV dinner. The point is to take the opportunity to do something together, even if it’s a simple as pouring a bowl of cereal.

Kiss & Tell! What’s your favorite late night snack? Share it below!

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