There’s A Dating Site For That: 10 Niche Dating Sites

Niche Dating SitesWhile the big players in the field of online dating are still the go-to destinations for finding love online, there are a number of very targeted sites hoping to catch your eye by catering to your specific interests. Below we’ve included ten dating sites you may never use, however, after reading this may make you feel considerably less lonely in your search for love in across the world wide web.

Want to snuggle with a fellow veggie lover? VeggieDate has over 16,000 members who vary in degrees and levels of vegetarian diets from raw food to “almost” vegetarian. Not only can you meet other veggie-loving singles, but you can also share recipes and other healthy vegetarian dish ideas.

Trek Passions
While the name is Trek Passions, don’t be fooled. This site caters to all SciFi wanna-be lovers. What’s better than someone who really gets you? A site that lets you find them for free! So as the site says, get ready to “love long & prosper!”

Not ready for your average dater? Geek 2 Geek may just find you your perfect match. Like a typical geek, Geek 2 Geek does things a bit differently. In addition to a special “geek” scoring system, you also get to rank your criteria so your matches will be tailored to your personal preferences.

Stache Passions
Are you a aficionado of the ‘stache? Look no further than Stache Passions, where you can revel in your moustache obsession and possibly find your one true love at the same time!
Have a special penchant for blue skies, wide open spaces, raising animals, and appreciating nature? is your dating site. Founded to meet the need of our rural lovers across America, this site helps local famers and those living in rural areas connect with others who understand their lifestyle.

Have you ever been in a bookstore and thought you might be interested in someone because of their literary choices? That’s the basic idea behind Alikewise. It’s a dating site that helps you find a new love based on their reading tastes. Even if you don’t find your soulmate, you may be introduced to a few good reads along the way!

Do you consider yourself an Apple fanboy or girl? Is there only room in your heart for another Apple lover? If so, Appletino is your dating site of choice! In addition to being Apple lovers, many of the members of the site are designers, photographers, musicians and other creative types as well.
Pet lovers unite! When you know that it’s not just about finding a perfect match for yourself, but also someone who will love and cherish your pet the way you do, is the dating site for you. It’s the perfect space for pet lovers looking for their own true love, a friend for their pet or just someone to spend time with.

Science Connection
Need an actual love of chemistry to trigger your heart? Science Connection is a brainy dating site that caters to singles with a love for science and nature. Occupations of members range from all the sciences to non-sci/tech fields such as law, teaching, music and business.

Yes! Mrs Robinson
May-December romances are increasingly growing in popularity, and sites like Mrs Robinson are ready to cater to these lovers. If you’re a younger male who loves the sexy confidence of an older woman, this dating site may just pair you up with your perfect match.

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