Forum & Member Terms of Use

Our House Rules: Everyone wants to visit a place where they feel welcome. Our House Rules are designed to ensure this result for every visitor that happens upon our pages. We ask that everyone, seasoned and first-time visitor, please respect your invitation to our online home, and use good common sense and judgment when posting in our forums. The following is the complete list of our house rules.


Short Version:

Types of Posts/Threads Not Allowed:

  • Posts for the pure purpose of advertising or soliciting business or products.
  • Posts that attack, defame or divulge personal information about another member.
  • Off-topic threads or posts within a thread.
  • Posts from underage members in age restricted areas.

Member Activity That Will Get You Banned:

  • Using this service as a way to obtain money or personal information from fellow members.
  • Consistently attacking, defaming or divulging personal information about another member.
  • Excessive off-topic threads or posts within a thread.
  • If you are underage, continually posting in age restricted areas.
  • Flagrant disrespect for the community and it’s leaders.

Detailed Version:

1. Words Are Important To Everyone
The only way to communicate online is through words. When it comes to our message boards, private messaging, chat or communication of any kind within our site we DO NOT ALLOW obscene, racist, or extremely sexual explicit language. We reserve the right to remove postings that defame or insult anyone, as well as posts that are abusive or hateful. Any harassing posts that might be construed as stalking will be removed and made available to the proper law-enforcement authorities. We also reserve the right to remove notes that are off subject or not in English.

2. We Are Here To Share Thoughts Not Products Or Services
No solicitations or advertisements will be allowed. Posting ANY solicitation will result in not only your posts being removed, but your screen name as well. Posts such as these clutter our boards with devaluing content. If you have achieved “member” status, you may post signature links to personal and commercial web sites.

3. Let’s Keep Our Conversations On Topic
Nothing is more frustrating then clicking a specific forum category and find posts that have nothing to do with that category. Let’s keep our conversations on-topic to each category. Posts that have ANYTHING to do with sexual activity should ONLY be posted in the Pillow Talk Forums. Topics about dating should remain in the dating forums. Moderators may move your post, without your knowledge, to a more appropriate category. You can always find your posts by looking up your profile and click on the “View Posts By User” link. Please limit private conversations to private messages or e-mail.

4. Repetitive Posts And SPAM Posts
In order to keep our forums fresh and topical we ask users to refrain from using bad online manners and keep from posting their messages more than once. This means no cross-posting aka SPAMMING. We also ask that you please refrain from rewording and posting the same “type” of message more than once to get more responses. If you are found to continually disregard this rule, we will remove your username from accessing these forums.

5. A Word About Signatures
Your signature is a fantastic way to introduce a little of your own personal style within our community. Unfortunately, members may feel the need to abuse this privilege. For overall community enjoyment, please keep your signatures in check. Refrain from posting overly large images or font sizes. If a moderator or administration feels you have abused this privilege your signature will be removed. Please do not post copyrighted material within your signature as well. Questions or comments about these guidelines should be addressed to the administrator.

6. Trivial Subject Matter
From time to time you may want to address a single member or user of our forums, or chat about timely events. These posts should be directed to our Love Lounge forum. The content is moderated very leniently in this particular forum. Also, topics that have been more than adequately covered in our archives will be removed. To limit this possibility be sure to do a search for your topic before posting.

7. Respect For Member Privacy Must Be Maintained
You must respect the privacy of other individuals online in our community. This means no posting of phone numbers, physical or e-mail addresses, Social Security numbers, or ANY other private information. In addition, users posting as an online identity other than their own, except for members participating in secret swaps, will be banned from participation. NO EXCEPTIONS!

8. Observe Stated Age Restrictions
Certain boards on Romance Wire are reserved for members 18 years of age and older. While this can be difficult to enforce on the Internet, our moderators have been given certain guidelines as to how to determine the age of a user posting in these boards. It is also assumed that people over the age of consent already know the answers to basic sexual questions, such as, “How do you get pregnant, or can you get pregnant from…” etc. If you need to know the answers to these types of questions, this is not the correct forum for you, and you should visit a site like Planned Parenthood to find your answers. While each post is evaluated individually, if a moderator feels that you are under the stated age restriction, your post(s) and possibly your username will be removed.

9. Mature Content Within Our Adult Only Forums
The Pillow Talk forums are intended for ADULTS ONLY. They are intended to promote the frank, anonymous discussion of sexual topics by mature adults. Romance Wire takes no responsibility for the content of the postings to these forums and is under no obligation to monitor or censor them in any way. Please keep your postings on-topic, treat others with courtesy and respect, and remember that discussions about sex can be frank and candid without being vulgar! Please note that indecent or extremely sexual explicit material, including pornography will be removed and may result in your username being removed as well.

10. Respect Another Person’s Work And Efforts
You must have copyright ownership of all material that you post anywhere on this site. No articles, recipes, song lyrics, art, graphics or other material may be posted without the express written consent of the copyright holder. Disobeying copyright laws is stealing, and we will not encourage this type of activity within our community.

11. All Posts Are Subject To Moderation
Unfortunately there are many people who abuse and take advantage of the generosity and goodwill of others. These boards are the property of Romance Wire, not its users. We reserve the right to remove any postings or members (although it is not our duty to do so). We do not tolerate people who spam the boards or come to argue and stir up trouble for other users. While it is acceptable to disagree with another user’s point of view or comments, it is NOT acceptable to personally attack or insult them. Do not assume you are entitled to certain privileges or rights. Freedom of speech does not give you license to abuse these guidelines, or use these boards to stir up trouble for our moderators, staff members or other fellow members. Use common sense when posting. If you know you were rude, off-topic or spamming, please don’t ask why your post was removed. It’s fairly simple to determine why it was deleted. Moderators will remove any posts that they consider to violate these guidelines. Their actions as moderators are not open for discussion publicly. If you feel the need to question the acts of the moderators you may contact the Administrator of these forums personally here. Any posts that question the actions of our moderators or staff WILL be removed. Please direct complaints to the Administrator ONLY!

12. These Forums Are For Entertainment Purposes ONLY
The forums and chat areas are designed for entertainment purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for personal medical attention, diagnosis or hands-on treatment. If you are concerned about your health or an immediate situation, please consult the relevant authorities immediately and do not wait for a response from Romance Wire members, moderators or staff.

13. Participate At Your Own Risk
You participate at your own risk on these message boards, chat, private messages and any other interaction within the Romance Wire site. While we do moderate our forums, we are under no obligation to do so. You take responsibility for postings under your identification and use of the information provided on this site, including in message boards, chat, private messages, and e-mail at your own risk. We take no responsibility for the content or opinions posted within these boards, chat, private messages or e-mail.

14. All Posts May Be Reprinted
By submitting any materials, e-mail, or responding to material on Romance Wire, you grant Romance Wire the right to edit, publish, air and distribute the materials, your response, image and name in all media at any time. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to grant all rights given in the preceding sentence.

15. Denied Access
If you feel you have been unfairly blocked from using the Romance Wire forums or chat area, please state your case here.