9 Valentine’s Day Theme Dates

valentine theme date ideas

While it isn’t necessary to do a huge romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day to show that you love your partner, it’s definitely something they’ll appreciate. This year, if you want to up your game, but aren’t sure how to go about it, you may want to consider a theme-based approach. Using a theme helps you set the tone and keep everything easily focused. To help get you started, here are a few ideas that work perfectly for a theme based date night.

Honeymoon Valentine
Give your love the honeymoon you have both always wanted! Arrange to stay at a hotel in an exotic location, or recreate it in your own bedroom! Gift ideas include: a ticket to a romantic destination, a recreation of your marriage proposal (or a real one!), an item from the country you’re recreating, or a gift basket with food or snacks from the same country.

His And Hers Valentine
Start the occasion by grabbing take out dinner from his favorite place and dessert from hers, or vice versa. When you get home, change into “his and hers pajamas” (one wears the top, the other wears the bottoms.) After you enjoy your meal, give each other “his and her” themed gifts. Then watch his favorite movie, followed by hers. Gift ideas include: his and hers towels, his and hers watches, champagne and glasses, his and hers pajamas, etc.

Pamper Me Valentine
Pamper your Valentine with the ultimate in romance! The ideal setting for this idea is an ultra-clean bathroom and bedroom with a TV and DVD player. If you don’t feel like cleaning, or have time to create the ambiance, splurge and book a hotel for the night. Start by lighting as many tea light candles in your bathroom as possible. Also, burn some incense and have some background mood music playing. If you don’t have a place to rest things in your bathroom, bring in a chair. On it, place a fluffy washcloth, a plate of chocolates and strawberries, and a glass of champagne. (Make sure it’s within the reach of your sweetheart.) Then get a warm bubble bath ready. Once your partner is in the bath, give them a foot massage while you wash their feet to relax them. Next, wash and condition their hair. When they are ready to get out, dry them off, give them something comfy to wear and send them off to the bedroom. Once there, brush out your partner’s hair and give them a shoulder massage. After that, cuddle up on the bed and watch a romantic movie you’ve picked out. Gift ideas include: bath robe, sexy pajamas, bubble bath, trip to a day spa or a gift certificate for a professional massage.

Romantic Movie Night Valentine
Rent all of your favorite romantic movies. Set up an airbed on your living room floor with a comforter and pillows. Stock up on your favorite munchies, while you cuddle together during your love-a-thon. Gift ideas include: tickets to the movies, a video rental gift certificate, romantic videos, a soundtrack from a favorite movie, a video of you, a gift basket of munchies, or your love story written in screenplay format.

Famous Couples Valentine
Choose a famous couple, like Antony and Cleopatra, and create a romantic encounter like they would have celebrated. You’ll need to get costumes, food, decorations, theme music and something for entertainment. Gift ideas include: a famous couple’s love story book, a love diary or journal, memory book, or tickets to the place the couple reside(d).

A Gourmet’s Valentine
Whether you or your partner is the gourmet, you’ll both enjoy this idea! Plan and create a five course love meal followed by an evening of wine and relaxation, or a romantic movie. If you’re not great at cooking, but love good food, find a five star restaurant nearby and order the food to go. Gift ideas include: gift certificate to a five star restaurant, subscription to their favorite food magazine, or a gift basket of delectable treats.

Pamper Me Sexy Valentine
Take a few classes or read up on the art of Tantric massage. Start the occasion with an hour-long massage, followed by a round of romantic game play with a few romance games. Gift ideas include: Kama Sutra gift set, massage oils, gift certificate for a professional massage or a romantic board game.

An Artisan’s Valentine
Get a set of body paints, or create your own using products around the house like chocolate syrup, cherry filling, etc. Lay out a large sheet (one that is okay to get stained) on the floor. Spend the evening painting each other! Follow up with a steamy shower to rinse each other off. Gift ideas include: chocolate syrup and a paintbrush (for next time!), more body paints, a sensual poetry book, love coupons good for a sensual act, or a couple’s board game.

Room By Room Valentine
Take advantage of the space you have! Create a meal to be eaten in each room, or create a romantic activity to happen in each room. Even better — do both! Gift ideas include: a gift that coordinates with each room.

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