50 Romantic Gift Ideas

50 romantic gift ideas

Looking for the perfect romantic gift? We have you covered. Well, your fellow readers do!

We asked readers to share the most romantic gift they’ve received and boy did we get some great responses! One thing is clear – whether the gesture is grand or a small token of your affection, the best gifts are ones that are the most heartfelt and personal to your recipient.

Below you’ll find a few of the responses readers shared to help you come up with your own perfect romantic gift idea for your partner!

  1. “He made a heart out of a piece of wood and inscribed our initials on both sides after he painted it.” -Sabrina Crawford
  2. “For our second Christmas together, he gave me a clock with an engraving that said, ‘Our love will stand the test of time!’ on it.” -logan76
  3. “He dedicated our song ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ to me over the radio, saying how much he loved me and would love me forever.” -Mary
  4. “He stopped and picked me flowers on the way home from work.” -Tina
  5. “My longtime love gave me a gold ring for Christmas. It was absolutely gorgeous! It had my birthstone (an opal) and several little small diamonds surrounding it. I had never expected something so lavish… He explained that whenever I look at this ring, even if we ever part, I’ll know that he loves me and cares for me. I’m still with him to this day…” -Lorin Alexander
  6. “He wrote me two beautiful poems and a long meaningful letter on our one year anniversary. That was so romantic and I’ll treasure this gift forever.” -Brittany
  7. “Besides herself, her love and her brilliance, she had sent me flowers from abroad on my birthday.” -Tagore Netala
  8. “The most romantic thing my partner ever gave me was a heart shaped ring.” -Heather
  9. “A red rose and a white teddy bear that held a heart with an arrow going through it and a gold locket that said ‘I Love You’ on it with his picture inside and a box of candy. All at one time!” -Amanda
  10. “A pair of earrings, a necklace and a ring all with DIAMONDS.” -Maria Theresa P. Lumicao
  11. “Two dozen roses and a big heart box of chocolate candy.” -Julie Allen
  12. “We were hiking together one day. After we had gone down the path a bit, he pulled a bottle of wine from the front of his jacket and a glass from each sleeve.” -Billie Herder
  13. “A kiss.” -Edna Addai
  14. “My promise ring.” -Meagan
  15. “For my 31st birthday my husband made a card for each year (each represented a year). Along with each card was a little gift. Things like candy necklaces & candy rings. From the year we meet, he dug out our first picture taken together. He also had our kids write why they loved me for the year they were born and included a picture of them. I was in tears by the time I hit the 31st present. He took the time to do all of this for me that is what made it so special.” -Angie
  16. “A hot oil body rub by candlelight.” -Anonymous
  17. “A dozen red roses spelling out ‘I love you’ on my bed along with a very intimate, touching card after I returned home from out of town for the previous two weeks.” -Christine
  18. “With his big snow boots on, in the middle of the night, he stomped out, ‘I love you’ in the snow covering our backyard lawn. I awoke in the morning and found it waiting for me outside our bedroom window. And it was just a Tuesday!” -L.
  19. “A sweet romantic candlelight dinner, and then we went dancing. After that we went for a stroll along the beach. We slept in our room, then when we woke up there were flowers all around me with food served on a plate.” -Jodie
  20. “For my birthday, my sweetie made me a CD. But this was no ordinary CD. It was a CD-rom for the computer. He put together a whole slide show. It included memorable music and pictures as well as quotes and why he thought I was the perfect girl. It was not only a really cool gift, but it took a lot of effort on his part and of course his thoughtfulness really touched me. He’s not one to always express the way he feels, so this really got me good. I was crying in his arms like a baby. And I still get misty-eyed to this day whenever I watch it.” -J. N.
  21. “First was a bottle of sand. You may think, sand in a bottle? Romantic? But it was. She had gathered it from the beach around the pond where we went on our first date. I was about 1200 miles from her when I got it, just made me miss her more. Second, still 1200 miles away from her. She bought a shirt for me, sprayed it with her perfume and sent it to me. It allowed me to have her with me when I went to bed each night.” -Mike
  22. “Pearls for Christmas because he lead me to believe he didn’t really get me much of anything.” -Kelly
  23. “Believe it or not, the most romantic, sensual gift my husband ever gave me, was himself, wrapped in a big red bow!” -Debbie
  24. “Buttercup flowers he picked himself and gave to me just cause he loved me.” -Jennifer Kincaid
  25. “A kiss every morning and night. We make love three times every week.” -Wong
  26. “Three dozen roses, and cute little notes.” -Maria
  27. “A teddy bear with a necklace around it’s neck that said I love you and I would have to say my engagement ring that came inside a velvet red rose box on Valentine’s Day.” -Melanie
  28. “Her trust and her love were the most romantic gift she gifted me.” -Gulam Samdani
  29. “He was going away on a business trip that would last for three months. We were engaged but not yet married and I was planning the wedding but he knew I would be alone. For Christmas a week before he left, he gave me the cutest little black puppy. He kept me warm and company for the whole time my fiancee (now my husband) was gone. I thought it was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing he’d ever done.” -Becky
  30. “The most romantic gift my guy gave me was he walked up to me with a rose and said “A rose may wilt and fall apart but the love I have for you may wilt but never will fall apart.” -Stacy
  31. “A bracelet.” -Adil
  32. “My boyfriend, for Valentine’s Day, bought an oval-shaped wooden box. He painted the box red, with the top painted white. Three wooden hearts were glued on to the top as well, and on those hearts he had written the contents of the box. Using label stickers and small rectangle-shaped pink note cards, my boyfriend typed on each one reason why he loves me. There are 365 note cards in the box, and I’m supposed to read one each day until next Valentine’s Day! I practically melted right there! It was definitely the most thoughtful, romantic gift I had ever received!” -Heather
  33. “He had a family ring designed and made for me with our birthstones and our two children. It was a surprise and I will cherish it always.” -KT
  34. “A poem he wrote himself, and red roses, I have to say I was in heaven when I read the poem.” -Billie
  35. “It was a little musical mirror with a poem on it…the music it played was my favorite song, Fur Elise by Beethoven. To this day it’s my most treasured possession.” -Melissa
  36. “I made a puzzle card for my girlfriend at the time… On one side was a few words that I painted and on the other side was a picture of a beautiful landscape. I gave it to her in a bag that she had to put together.” -Robert
  37. “An origami tulip, with a special note.” -Wendy
  38. “A gold rose – a real rose dipped in pure gold.” -Lim Nark
  39. “He gave me an Easter gift. It was a plastic Easter egg. He gave it to me and I thought it was some candy, so I went and put it up without opening it. He left a little later and called me. He asked if I had opened the egg and told him no because I was saving my candy for tomorrow. He said look inside. I opened it and it was some foam with a ring stuck inside of it!!!” -LaNesha Marbury
  40. “For Valentine’s Day one year, he bought us a his and her body massage. We were first given a glass of champagne, then taken into the same room where we were both given a great body massage at the same time. Very romantic.” -Darlene Floyd
  41. “It was what seemed to be two dozen roses in a beautifully wrapped box, but they were 24 rose stems with 24 homemade cookies at the end of the stems in place of the roses. And of course, there was one long-stemmed red rose in the box. This was for our third year anniversary. We have now been together for six years.” -HB
  42. “A romantic four day cruise to Mexico, where we had fine food, great wine and lots of sweet lovemaking.” -Jim
  43. “Believe it or not, a George Foreman’s grill. I had been struggling with weight loss, etc. and one day while passing through Macy’s I saw it and remarked how I had always wanted one. A week later I come home from work and there’s my boyfriend in my apartment cooking me a turkey burger on my new Goerge Foreman grill. It meant so much to me that he listens and was willing to help me with my goals.” -Robyn
  44. “A great steak dinner with Shamu at Sea World in San Antonio.” -Sandy
  45. “It was my birthday between when we got engaged and when we got married. My fiancé made me a framed collage of photos we had taken over the past 12 years of knowing each other. It was touching to look back at all the great times we had spent together.” -Lisa
  46. “My husband sent me a Valentine’s present when I was at college. It came in a long red box with silk flowers and a white organza ribbon tying it all together. I was pleased to get something, but disappointed that I would find long stemmed red roses inside. So cliché, I thought. Imagine my surprise to find 12 long stemmed chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) in the box! It was wonderful! No one had ever seen anything like it before. Pretty soon you could not move an inch… so many people stopped in for an entire week to see them!” -Rosetta
  47. “Well that would be an everyday gift, it’s simply an “I love you!” -Danny
  48. “The most romantic gift my Love ever gave me was her hand in marriage. The day she said yes to my proposal.” -Aaron
  49. “A gold necklace with a heart cut into half, he gave me half of the heart and he kept the other half, so that whenever we weren’t together we could remember that we belonged to someone else.” -Ivonne
  50. “A dozen roses sent to my work for no reason other than he loved me and was thinking about me.” -Bev

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