Love Quiz: Are They Cheating On You?

Believing your partner is cheating on you is a harsh thought to deal with. While there may be signs pointing toward infidelity, it’s important to make sure you know all the facts before making any accusations. The following love quiz will give you a glimpse as to whether you’re being overly cautious or if your gut may be trying to tell you something. One or two anomalies can more than likely be explained, but when signs start to add up, you may need to confront your partner with your suspicions.

  1. Do they hide their phone when receiving a text?

  2. Do they constantly go in another room to answer or make phone calls?

  3. When you walk in on them using the computer, do they quickly get up or switch screens?

  4. Have they recently changed their passwords so you can't access accounts you previously had access to?

  5. Are they suddenly taking more interest in their appearance or health?

  6. Has their sex drive dramatically changed recently?

  7. Have their communication patterns changed recently?

  8. Do they seem to get upset over little things more often?

  9. Is there missing money?

  10. Are there unexplained absences?

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