Love Quiz: Is It Really Love?

It’s easy to confuse the romantic infatuation of a new attraction with the emotion of love. It is in fact the beginning stages of the emotion. However, many couples get into trouble when they don’t take the time to really analyze their feelings. Below is our love quiz to help you determine just how far along your infatuation stage has gotten. Is it true love? Take the quiz to find out!

  1. Do you find yourself thinking about them all day, even when you try not to?

  2. Have you found yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do, just to see them smile?

  3. When something good or bad happens are they the first person you think of telling?

  4. Does it pain you to see them going through something difficult?

  5. Have you found yourself looking for ways to make them happy, just because?

  6. Do you consider them to be your best friend?

  7. Do you trust them completely, with no strings attached?

  8. You know all of their "hidden secrets" and still want to be with them?

  9. You've talked about your future wishes together such as children, marriage, careers and you are both on the same page?

  10. You can't imagine being with anyone else?

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