5 Not So Obvious Signs He’s Cheating

Signs He's Cheating

When it comes to affairs of the heart, nothing hits closer to home than the idea that your partner could be unfaithful to you. Late work nights, unexpected calls and general shiftiness are pretty obvious signs, but what about the little signs that your partner may be trying to hide? For instance, changes in attire or small shifts in their personality. While not all actions or changes in your partner’s behavior indicate an outside affair, it’s good to keep tabs on how you are relating to each other. If you find yourself saying yes to too many of the signs below, it may be time to step back and have a heart-to-heart with your partner about your relationship – affair or not.

Sudden Need for Privacy
Any dramatic changes with your partner should be viewed as an opportunity to check in on your relationship and make sure you’re both on the same path. Some changes however could be signs of less than honorable intentions. A sudden need for privacy is definitely one of those areas. This means areas where your partner was quite open with something but recently isn’t, such as passwords, phone calls or text messages, even wanting an excessive amount of time alone. There’s always the chance your partner may have some more altruistic intentions, however, if this sign is coupled with other signs listed here, you should follow your gut.

Have A New Desire To Improve Their Look or Lifestyle
While wanting to improve yourself is something many people want, sometimes a new love interest can be just the spark to motivate someone to take a little more care in their appearance and well-being. If your partner suddenly comes home with a new wardrobe or is taken an excessive interest in their appearance, keep an eye out for other signs of cheating. There’s obviously a chance your partner truly is concerned with their personal choices, however, this can be a common side-effect of the beginning of an affair.

There Are Noticeable Changes In Affection From Your Partner
Many people think that the a predominant sign of an affair is your partner giving you less attention. The truth is in a lot of situations your partner may all of a sudden be showering you with affection. This can stem from two factors. One, is your partner feels guilty and is trying to make up for the wrong-doing. The other is the affair has triggered their romance button and it can be almost like a spill-over effect.

Missing Money or Unexplained Transactions
For couples sharing accounts, you can almost always follow the money trail when your partner is being unfaithful. Look for frequent unexplained cash withdrawals, especially when the dates coincidence with time they’ve been alone or had to work late, etc. There may also be a sudden request for your partner to start handling the bills to hide unexplained phone calls or other charges.

Computer Habits Have Changed
While there is a chance your partner may have stumbled upon something exciting and new online, there’s also a chance they’ve developed an online fling as well. The number one sign to look for here is how they behave when you come into the room unexpectedly. Do they flick the screen away? Do they get up from the computer and try to distract you? If it looks like they are trying to hide something, it may be time for a confrontation to uncover what’s really going on.

The subject of cheating can be an incredibly emotionally charged topic. It’s important to remember that there is a good chance they may not be actually cheating on you. If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, give them the opportunity to really share their side of the story. Make sure there’s more than one sign and don’t jump to conclusions. However, a women’s intuition can be spot on, so if you’re certain, don’t let him talk his way out of it either. Trust your gut and take things from there.

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