6 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Signs Relationship Is Over

Unfortunately, not all relationships end up with the happily ever after bliss we all imagine when we enter into them. Some relationships just weren’t meant to work out, and sometimes the couples just grow apart. It happens to the best of couples, and it doesn’t always mean anyone did anything “wrong.” If you’ve been contemplating whether your relationship is coming to an end, consider these signs to help determine whether you’re just hitting a rough patch or if things really might be over. Keep in mind that any one sign can mean anything, but combined together should give you a good idea of how you’re really feeling.

You’d rather spend time apart from your partner.
You may not notice it at first, but as the relationship starts to deteriorate you’ll find yourself naturally doing things more on your own. The obvious sign is that you’d prefer to do things you used to do together by yourself. The not-so-obvious sign is when you unconsciously start to avoid reasons to spend time without your partner. Maybe you don’t invite them to a work gathering or you take more time out to do things by yourself.

You feel trapped.
In a healthy relationship, you should feel free and filled with desire to share your life with your partner. When these emotions take a negative turn, you need to get to the source. Is the problem your partner or your own insecurities? Take an honest look and evaluate the source of your feelings to determine whether this is an unhealthy relationship sign, or something you need to personally work through.

You constantly fight or put each other down.
While couples fight all the time, there’s a difference between a few arguments here and there and “everything” being an issue. When the emotion of love starts to dwindle and there isn’t a strong friendship to pull you through the tough times, these arguments can be a good indicator things aren’t right. Staying in a relationship like this is not healthy for either of you. If there’s still love there, you might want to consider counseling or couple’s therapy to work your way back.

You can imagine a life without them and it feels good.
When your daydreams shift to a life without your partner it brings up feelings of hope or happiness, you might need to reevaluate your relationship. If these feelings are paired with any of the other signs here, it’s a fairly good indicator that things are pretty much over.

You don’t respect or trust your partner.
Relationships are built on more than just affection. You need a solid base of trust and respect to make it through the hard times. When those feelings go away, all that’s left is some affection and possibly a friendship. This is not enough. If something has happened for you to lose the respect or the trust of your partner, you need to seriously evaluate whether it’s possible for you to have these feelings return. If not, this relationship has hit a brick wall and has no future.

You don’t love them anymore.
I’m not going to lie, relationships have highs and lows when it comes to the emotion of love, especially in long-term relationships. You are going to go through phases where you feel more romantic than other times. This sign comes into play when you realize you don’t actually love them romantically at all anymore. The idea of sex, cuddling and being romantic actually turns you off. It’s possible to have romantic feelings return, but you need to do some soulsearching with your partner to determine why it went away and if it’s possible for the two of you to work past this.

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