10 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas She’ll Love

Valentine Ideas for Her

Every woman wants to get something special on Valentine’s Day. She even has a library of romantic fantasies in her head that she’s just waiting to come true. As a teenager, a bunch of heart-shaped balloons and a box of chocolates will do the trick, but as she matures, so will her Valentine wishes. Your lady wants her Valentine’s Day memories to be special, whether they are big or small. She wants to brag to her friends about how great you are, and she wants to be swept off her feet again and again.

There are many ways to make your partner’s Valentine’s Day one to remember. You don’t necessarily have to follow the Dinner/Movie/Present routine that has become so cliché over the years. Maybe a quiet, romantic night alone will have her falling for you all over again. Perhaps you can fill the day with tiny reminders of your feelings for her. This might even be the year for you to go all out and give her the most extravagant Valentine she’s ever had. Regardless of what you decide on, make sure you put your whole heart into it and give her the love and attention she deserves. Below are a few ideas from our readers for your Valentine’s Day. Feel free to take these ideas for yourself, or use them as guidelines for your own Valentine celebration.

Romantic Dinner for Two
Last Valentine’s Day, I informed my wife that the basement was off limits. I cooked Beef Wellington, and topped it with pastry hearts. After dinner, I blindfolded her and led her to the basement. When I took the blindfold off, she found a bed with twelve dozen rose petals on white silk sheets. I’d also filled the room with candles on pedestals. She burst into tears of joy the second she saw it.
-submitted by Anonymous

Five Guys in the Kitchen
My friends and I are planning our 3rd annual “Guys in the Kitchen” Valentine’s Day celebration. The five of us have been friends for a long time, and all of our wives are friends, too. Each year we prepare a homemade Valentine dinner for our ladies, and we make sure to go all out. We make the childcare arrangements. We send invitations to their offices tied to a dozen roses. At dinner, we set the table with matching plates, candles, and wine. The menus are printed on antiqued paper, and we laminate them so the girls can keep them as keepsakes. This year, there will be chocolates and singing stuffed animals sitting in each of their seats when they come in. We even serve them specialty coffees after dinner. All of their other friends’ husbands hate us. It’s great!
-submitted by 5 Guys in the Kitchen

A Risky Valentine
Last year, I decided to get a little more risky with Valentine’s Day. I skipped the day altogether (intentionally, and much to my wife’s shock and horror). Instead, I planned a short cruise to Mexico through Expedia.com, but didn’t tell her about it. Then I ordered a dozen flowers and I had them delivered to her at work the day we were leaving for the cruise. The flowers were nice, but I’m sure she barely noticed them when she saw the cruise ticket hanging from the vase. When we got on the boat, she discovered a few more surprises waiting for her — some awesome chocolates from Godiva and a few more “frisky” goodies, including a pair of vibrating panties. She loved the trip, and she also loved the fact that I had thought outside the box. So next year, skip the usual flowers and candy and do something she’ll never forget!
-submitted by Anonymous

A Special Love Song
I don’t play an instrument or sing very well, so for Valentine’s Day I wrote a song for my girlfriend and had a friend who’s an aspiring musician sing it for me. I had it professionally recorded, and I designed labels for the CD and the case. I went to our favorite radio station and got them to agree to play it for me that night. I brought my girl down to our favorite beach just in time to watch the sun set. I wish you could have seen her face when they read the dedication and played the song! It’s been five years now, and she still listens to that song.
-submitted by Robb

Advertising Your Love
I had an early morning college class on Valentine’s Day. As I walked toward the building, I noticed that there were flyers posted everywhere. At first I thought that someone was really trying to advertise something, but as I got closer I realized that they all said, “I love you, Jama! Will you be mine? Love, Brian.” They were everywhere, in all different shapes, sizes, and colors!
-submitted by Jama Cornelius

Arcade Romance
Last year for Valentine’s Day, my husband took me to a local arcade. I have to admit, that was not exactly my idea of a romantic outing, but it actually ended up being one of the greatest dates we have ever had. I will never forget it. It was on a school day, so the arcade was a ghost town. It was as if he rented the place just for the two of us. We rode go karts, played laser tag, and spent a fortune on arcade games. Then we ended the date with hot dogs and soda. It was so amazing, because 90% of the time we were the only ones in there besides the workers.
-submitted by Milla

Candy Love-Lib
On Valentine’s Day, I wrote my girlfriend a letter, but I left a bunch of blank spaces. The spaces were left open for candy conversation hearts, and each time she got to a blank space I gave her a heart to fill it in. For example, one line read “I am pretty happy to have you”. It had her read it in the evening, and we were on a porch swing out in the peaceful country, so the mood was perfect. I had other gifts, but according to her, this was the “most thoughtful.”
-submitted by Joel Thompson

Hearts of Love
Since it was our first Valentine’s Day together, I knew that I had to do something sweet and special for my girl. I cut about 100 hearts out of pink, purple, and red construction paper. I wrote little sayings on each one, kind of like conversation hearts, but more personal. Some were compliments, others were terms of endearment, and some were just short notes like “I love the way you kiss me.” On the back of each one, I printed “S.W.L. loves H.D.B.” I had them delivered to her throughout the month of February in fun and surprising ways. Her friends delivered some of them for me. Some, I left in places I knew she would find them, like inside the medicine cabinet, in the refrigerator, or on the pillow. One day I convinced complete strangers to walk up to her and just hand her one without saying a word. One was even given to her by one of our waiters at a local restaurant. She really loved it!!
-submitted by Stacey L

Romantic Surprise
For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend went all-out to make one of my dreams come true. He picked me up from my house and, without telling me anything about what was going on, drove me to the airport. There, we got on an airplane (he wouldn’t let me look to see where we were going). After about 4 hours, we touched down in Toronto. I still had no idea what was going on, but when the rental car pulled into the parking lot of the theater, I knew. He had brought me to see “The Phantom of the Opera”! I had been talking about seeing it for months, but had never found the time. Then, during the intermission, he gave me the most beautiful long-stemmed rose I’d ever seen. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever!
-submitted by Anonymous

Roses to Remember
My husband and I had been married for about a year. He knew what a romantic I was and how much I love surprises. I worked as a secretary at a hospital, and one of my job duties was to go across the street into another building to retrieve the day’s mail. When I went to get the mail that Valentine’s Day, there was a large package addressed to me. It was awkward to carry, even though it was fairly light. I lugged it back to my desk with all the other mail. Everyone I walked past stopped what they were doing and followed me to my desk, wanting to know what the package contained. So I opened it in front of everyone. It was a framed poster of a little boy (in black and white) holding a dozen roses (in red). Of course, my husband planned it perfectly, because he knew that I had to take the train home. The poster brought a lot of smiles from everyone I ran into on the way home. To this day, the sight of it brings a smile to my face.
-submitted by Tricia

As you can see, it is the feeling in which your Valentine surprise is delivered, the emotion it evokes, and the memories it makes that matter to a woman. Give your lover something to brag about to her friends about this year, and she’ll fall in love with you all over again.

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